Live Easy is a game-changer with a gusty vision for living well in numerous suburbs and towns dotted throughout Gauteng; one excellent example is Randburg. 

The best part about Randburg is that it is a stone’s throw from buzzing Sandton – the business hub of Johannesburg. This is where everything happens, yet Randburg is a place you can hang up your coat and take a walk on the quiet side and be close enough to everything from great schools to cool, fresh pools, parks, and fantastic shopping experiences. 

Our nano-units have everything on offer and more, breathing new life into a tired suburb and equally tired buildings, transforming living spaces into smart, affordable living options. 

The best part of all is that all our spaces are integrated, offering complete solutions where every one of our properties engages complete and sustainable communities that can go downstairs and eat at a canteen, work out at the gym, take the kids outside to play in the designated area, or do some serious work on projects and presentations in our well-equipped workspace, and make perfect use of the creche. There is also no need to buy expensive washing machines as there is a fully-equipped laundromat available for busy up-and-coming individuals that enjoy living it up in Randburg – all this at affordable prices. 

At Live Easy it is our mission to offer both affordable and high-end products and hopefully, in time, the upliftment of Randburg will bring more opportunities to the people that live in this comfortable, leafy suburb. 

It is the ethos of Live Easy to foster and encourage better living spaces for the residents of Randburg where everyone will stand to benefit. 

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