If everyone did one small act of kindness at least once a day – imagine the difference that could make to the people around you and the world in general. It starts with little things such as saying “hi” to the people that live in your building, a smile, helping someone hold their parcels, giving someone your parking space …just little random acts of kindness. 

Take this one step further and arrange a get-together for everyone in your apartment block – get everyone to bring a plate of eats to share in the gardens on a hot summer’s eve. This is a great way to save money on entertaining and to take the edge of loneliness during the festive seasons, and to get to know who your neighbours are! You never know when you might need that cup of sugar or a lift to the doctor. You don’t need to be rich or smart to be nice. All you need is a pleasant demeanor and the willingness to try and be helpful, pleasant and the rest is easy. Friendship is something we should nurture and treasure. When last did you smile at someone in a queue when shopping for groceries or at the filling station? 

Make 2020 the year of friendship and reach out to someone who might not be having a good day, might be feeling lonely or simply to make the world a better place. Many of us wait for the other “guy” to take that first step towards making the world a better place. 

But have you ever considered that you, too, could make it a happy spot to be in and that you could take that initiative? We might be nervous that the other person might not accept your invitation or want to be friends – it is up to you to make that first move; to offer the first smile, and you might be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to open that door to friendship. 

Move on and move up in a Live Easy cheap bachelor pad in Highlands North, Randburg, Pretoria and Germiston – but don’t forget your manners and to be kind to your neighbours at all times. The smallest act of kindness could take the edge off an awful day for someone else. Make 2020 the year you stretch out your hand to making new friends everywhere you go. 

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