Buying a home will be one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your life – that is why it is so important to do it right first-time around. The big debate, of course, is whether to rent a property or to buy your own home. 

Obviously buying a home – or renting space until you buy a home will never have a clear-cut solution. Buying might look like a lot of money at first glance – much more than renting, but over the long haul, it might be one of the better investments to make. There are many advantages to buying a home, but the advantages of renting are also numerous. 

Why rent: 

  • Renting is flexible which could fit into your lifestyle easily if you are young and love to travel and not have the responsibility of the maintenance of a home of your own 
  • Most landlords create leases that will lock you in for short periods of time, whereas purchasing a property locks you in for a long period particularly if you have a bond or home loan 
  • If you are not ready to put down roots, this option will work well for you 
  • Some landlords will even permit a month by month rental which really frees you up (although this arrangement could work against you if you are given a short notice period to vacate the premises) 
  • Renting will often afford tenants to live in upmarket areas at affordable rentals without having the kind of money to invest in a property in an expensive area; this is especially beneficial with property prices being exorbitant 
  • Renting frees you up from the responsibility of maintaining a property – when the geyser bursts or the toilet gets blocked – the landlord is usually responsible for the upkeep of the property rented out 

You pay less to rent a property – add up the costs of buying a home and you will be surprised at how much you can save. 

Live Easy affordable apartments will give you the opportunity to rent units at affordable prices – simply move in and unpack your boxes. 

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