Be the first one in your building to be a great neighbour. It is the little things in life that make the greatest difference. Getting along well with the people living next door and around you makes it a safer and more pleasing place to live for everyone concerned 

Here are ten ways to be that great neighbour everyone would love to have 

  • Being friendly is number one. Introduce yourself or simply say “hi” to someone you pass by in the corridor or the car park, at the canteen, laundromat or garden or play area 
  • When someone moves into your complex or neighbourhood, drop them a little welcoming card or a small gift 
  • Everyone likes to be respected. When you approach the parking space to park your car, always slow down – this is especially essential when cars are coming and going and if there are little children around. Pet-friendly spaces often have pets around – be on the lookout for these, too 
  • It is rude to use a parking space that does not belong to you – ensure your guests heed this rule, too; it makes little difference whether the neighbours use their space or not 
  • Ensure your lift uses WattsApp or text to alert you that they have arrived as hooting is a big no-no 
  • Keep the noise down – always. If you are having friends over, ensure they adhere to this rule as well. If you are going to make a noise, it is only good manners to let your neighbours know you are having a small gathering of friends and that you will ensure the noise will stop at a certain, respectful hour 
  • For those living in pet-friendly apartments and buildings ensure your pet does not disturb anyone. Attention, plenty of love and treats will ensure your dog is a calm, well-behaved pet for all those concerned 
  • It is selfish to hog the laundry. Bear in mind that numerous people also need to make use of the washer and dryer 
  • Always pick up your litter and clean up after yourself, particularly in common areas 
  • When having guests over, don’t make a noise in the corridors and ensure they don’t hoot, bang their car doors or shout when leaving late at night or even during the day 

Be a considerate and friendly neighbour to set a precedent. 

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