Finding affordable 1 room apartments in Joburg and Tshwane is difficult, especially nabbing nano apartments that are safe and have decent landlords. The struggle is real – that’s why Live Easy decided to solve the affordable housing problem. Where can you get nano apartments for under R3k that are close to major CBDs and transportation nodes, that have on-site green spaces, and that come complete with Wi-Fi and DStv plug and play? It’s easy. 

The idea behind Live Easy’s nano apartments 

Live Easy’s brand was developed by Jeffrey Froom and James Huff, who both have experience in the affordable housing investment space. Together they decided to focus on nano apartments – these nano apartments would each be a 15sqm, self-contained home and cost, on average, R2 450 per month. The nano apartments would be aimed at the affordable housing market – perfect for new graduates, up-and-coming professionals, and anyone in the R3 500 to R15 000 per month income brackets.

There was a serious gap in the market for secure, well-managed housing at an affordable price, and Live Easy has filled that gap.

Live Easy is a lifestyle brand: many of their nano apartments come with on-site playgrounds, green spaces, laundromats, gyms and crèches. The Live Easy life is all about having unfurnished, affordable 1 room apartments that are close to main hubs and that are fully integrated.

Move up with affordable 1-room apartments

Live Easy’s refurbished, affordable 1-room apartments come with everything you need: they’re equipped with modern amenities and conveniences such as Wi-Fi, access control, DStv plug and play, dedicated work spaces, and more. Many of the nano apartments are close to prime locations like CBDs, which cuts down time in traffic and taxis to get to work. 

Sound good? All you need to apply is a one-month deposit to secure your place for a one-year lease, and applications can be done on our website. Easy as that. 

Experience the Live Easy life – contact us today to move in, and move up.