Randburg has always been seen as Sandton’s less glamourous cousin, and most people don’t know a hell of a lot about the area. But did you know that Randburg covers an area of almost 100 square kilometres, and that it’s actually seen as Sandton’s competitor when it comes to location for businesses and lower rentals? Yup, Randburg may have less bling – but it’s got tree-lined streets, value-for-money takeaway gems, and it’s close to a number of amazing outdoor activities. Randburg accommodation is also very competitive in terms of price, quality and uniqueness.

Plus, if you need your shopping fix, Sandton City is only a few minutes’ drive away. Randburg is sometimes overlooked as a suburb to live in, which is a big mistake. It’s got everything you need and more – and it has an interesting history to boot. In the market for affordable micro apartments in Randburg? Then here are five fun facts about Randburg that you should know (so you can impress people at the next get-together – when get-togethers are allowed again, that is). 

  1. The name Randburg was chosen in a competition
  2. That’s how they did things those days: it’s derived from our ZA currency, which came about in 1959 (the same time that the new Randburg municipality was established). Other names that were potentials included Fairydale, Ego and Zuriel. Good thing they didn’t choose Ego, because that’s just weird. 

  3. The first African to play Major League baseball is from Randburg
  4. Mpho Gift Ngoepe is a South African professional baseball player who grew up in Randburg. He made the big league (literally) in 2017, when he became the first African to reach the U.S. Major Leagues. He’s played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Toronto Blue Jays. 

  5. Ox wagons used Jan Smuts Avenue to get to Pretoria
  6. If you thought traffic was bad on Jan Smuts in the mornings, it used to be backed up with oxen! In fact, Jan Smuts Avenue was an important route between Johannesburg and Pretoria during the Anglo-Boer War.  

  7. Randburg was once a hunting hot spot
  8. A really long time ago, that is. Herds of antelope used to graze on the hills and valleys of Randburg (hence the suburb Hunters Hill), which made it a popular place to do a spot of game shooting…

  9. A plot of land could be bought for R600

In 1911, 300 massive plots of land were put up for sale in Craighall. The price of £30 (about R670) included free transfer and no rates and taxes. Very different to today’s nano apartments in Randburg, but at least there are tarred roads and street lights (those came after the Second World War). 

So you see, Randburg is a pretty interesting place – and it’s another reason to start scouting for micro apartments for Randburg. It’s got history, it’s close to Sandton, and it’s got lower rentals. Winning. 

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