What is a Nano Unit Apartment?

Live Easy’s Nano Units are self-contained flats with an en suite bathroom and kitchenette which offer affordable and comfortable living spaces for those looking for safe and secure rental apartments.

How big are Nano Apartments?

Averaging 15 square metres of space, Nano Units offer the ideal capacity to cater to comfort and convenience with a neat bow of affordability tying it together. 

Located in the heart of the city, the rental spaces are well suited to cater to young professionals as well as people in undesirable locations looking to move to safer, more secure locations without having to pay the usual hefty price of a city-based apartment unit.

The benefits of living in a Nano Unit

As an affordable lifestyle residential brand, Live Easy offers more than just the space to live in. 

The benefits of choosing a Live Easy Nano Unit include luxurious amenities such as:

  • Security and 24-hour safety,
  • Wi-Fi,
  • Work stations and “hot desk” facilities,
  • Affordable elegant apartments,
  • On-property gyms and sports courts,
  • Cafés and cafeterias, 
  • Braai areas,
  • Crèches,
  • Extensive and comfortable common areas, and more.

How to make your Nano Unit feel like home: Design tips for smaller apartments

Making a new apartment feel like your own space might feel difficult, especially with a smaller space and the limitation against making permanent changes. However, there are ways to make your Nano Unit apartment feel like home.

With smaller apartment space, minimalist details can help to create space and the perception of an extensive room. With clever tricks, you can create the illusion of room to add interest to your home without risking cluttering up the elegant space.

  1. Add extra lighting with wall sconces

If you want to add extra light, save the floor and table space and opt for a wall sconce. They offer neat, simple lighting without having to worry about wiring. The flexibility, function, and fashionable of wall sconces make a fantastic addition for your Nano Unit should you opt for them.

  1. Add your own touch with a rug

Live Easy’s Nano Units are smart and sophisticated in their design. However, you might want to add your own flair to the floor; choose to opt for a rug to add your personal style to your apartment. Rugs help define different sections in an apartment plus you’ll also be investing in a piece which you can easily roll up and move around.

  1. Choose furniture which sits above the floor

While an extra-large bean bag might be a tempting seating option, it takes up an enormous amount of space on the floor. Instead, opting for items which sit above the floor, such as furniture with longer legs are perfect (and currently extremely trendy in modern decorating) to create space and make your apartment look larger. Under furniture also offers room for storage if the need arises for additional space.