If you know Johannesburg, you probably know Sandton is a pretty up-market area, known as “Africa’s richest square mile”. Despite the wealth in the area, though, there are budget-friendly activities for the locals to enjoy in one of Joburg’s most opulent areas.  

1) Have a scoop at Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream

Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream is of premium quality, local, homemade and incredibly tasty. Viewing ice cream making as an art-form, Paul crafts flavour offerings like peppermint crisp tart, crunchy peanut butter, malva pudding, Nutella Oreo and more. If a scoop doesn’t tickle your fancy, Paul’s also makes a killer cup of coffee to enjoy with homemade chocolate.  

2) Take a walking tour of the architecture

Hit the streets for a tour of the modern, mixed-medium architecture popping up in the streets of Jozi. Saunter down Alice Lane to take in the beauty of the Alice Lane Towers, sometimes known as the dancing towers. Neighbouring gems on Maude and Rivonia, the Jewel and Jewellery Box are two must-see buildings. Finish with a stroll along Katherine to take in the award-winning Sasol and Barrow Properties buildings. It’s a sightseeing tour that can take an average day to an adventure without the expense.

3) Step inside the indoor neverland of the Discovery building

A description of the building says:

“Like a spaceship set to sail, the building’s sensual shape and form create a monumental statement that gives the building a unique visual signature”. 

This mammoth of a building offers an indoor jungle, a bite to eat, a trip to the gym or a quick jog on their rooftop track. 

4) Book browse the Sandton Library

Take a breather from the bustling streets by stepping into the sanctuary of the Sandton Library – a modern escape for book lovers, located in Nelson Mandela Square. With three floors of over 92 000 books, there is bound to be something that catches your attention. If not, grab a seat on the couches and take in an afternoon of people-watching.

5) Get some fresh air at the Field and Study Centre

The Field and Study Centre is an oasis in the middle of the business central district. Enjoy the grounds with babbling streams, walking, riding and running paths, jungle gyms, pony rides and courses in languages, photography and art. This centre has all that you could need for a peaceful day outdoors.

Living in Sandton

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