Thinking of moving to Sandton and need a few tips, tricks, insights and ideas to help you make the move into the heart of the Jozi city? To help you transition, we came up with 6 things to know about moving to the urban opulence that is Sandton, Johannesburg.

Top reasons to move to Jozi 

1) Accommodation can be affordable

Just because Sandton is known for being a luxurious area, doesn’t mean you have to pay through your teeth to stay there. Affordable accommodation is a very easy thing to find when you look in the right places. Live Easy is a great place to move to the urban jungle at an affordable rate! 

2) It is a shopper’s heaven

Nelson Mandela Square, Mall of Africa, Sandton City, and the list goes on! Anything and everything you could think to buy, you can find in Sandton shops. This area is the chocolate factory for shopaholics!  

3) There is a range of recreational activities

Sandton and surrounds offer heaps of fun indoor and outdoor activities ranging in prices and nature. From a chilled picnic in the Botanical Gardens, a day filled with adrenaline and fun at Jozi X, taking in the architecture in the streets of the city, grabbing a coffee and scoop, or reading a book in the Sandton library, this area is not only for the heart of the recreational shopper, but it’s also for family folk, adventure junkies, introverts and students.  

4) World-class safety and security

When looking for accommodation, activities in the area aren’t the only thing to look out for. Security is a factor to consider, and the Sandton apartments offer safety and security in an aesthetic and sleek fashion. 

5) Business is booming!

Job, expansion and business opportunities can all be found in this urban area of the booming industry! The job market is exploding in Sandton and living in the centre of it all is a major perk and pro for your career and business ventures. 

6) The culture is vibrant and the neighbours are friendly

Need a cup of sugar? Looking for friends to invite to a games night or an evening market? The locals are friendly, up for all adventures, and probably have a bunch of extra sugar or milk in their kitchens! The culture in the city is a vibrant, melting-pot of diversity and people! 

Need a place to stay?

If these need-to-knows about Sandton enticed you enough to take the plunge, have a look at our apartments in Rivonia, Sandton for all the perks, convenience, activities and friendly neighbours. Move-in and Move Up in Sandton!