Known for its luxurious feel, modern aesthetic, sleek architecture, and business hustle, Sandton is an epi-centre of activity in Joburg. More than the look and feel of the suburb, Sandton has top-notch restaurants and dining experiences on offer. Ranging from fine-dining to takeout, you won’t be starved for restaurant options. 

Here are four restaurant ideas for your food tour of Sandton and its surrounds:

1) Grillhouse of Sandton

The Grillhouse of Sandton is an upmarket steakhouse. Offering seafood, Beyond Meat options, platters and of course, off the grill meats, steaks and burgers. Known for its food as well as its ambience, the restaurant has glass walls showing off the Jozi skyline and an outdoor terrace for those easy summer evenings. 

2) Lexi’s Eatery

If you are looking for a mostly vegan dining option, Lexi’s is your spot. A youthful atmosphere and ample opportunity for Instagram shots come with Lexi’s “eat more plants” philosophy. Having recently introduced free-range meat and fish into the menu for the flexitarians, Lexi’s doesn’t exclude anyone. 

3) Signature

Dubbing themselves a fashionable fine-dining restaurant, Signature is a dreamland of artfully plated meals and wine options fit for the sommelier. Offering seafood, sushi, pasta, curries and 21-day aged meats, Signature has it all in one with panoramic sunset views and jazz to round off the culinary experience. 

4) Gemelli, La Famiglia Prima

A local, family favourite, Gemelli, La Famiglia Prima, is the perfect breakfast, lunch and supper spot in the centre of Sandton. As it says in the name, Gemelli’s is all about family, with the founding family’s names engraved on the bar stools. A restaurant is a place for gathering, celebrating, and as they say, “sneaking desserts into the kids just before bedtime”. And with pasta, seafood and something for the meat lovers, there is something on the menu for every member of the family, even if it is just the Gemelli’s Signature Almond Nougat Cheesecake. 

Living in Sandton 

If your appetite has been stoked enough, take a look at our Live Easy accommodation in Rivonia, Sandton. Situated in the centre of this culinary paradise, our rental apartments boast top of the range amenities, comfort at the perfect price as well as easy access to shops, restaurants and all that Sandton has to offer.