The cost of living in a city can rack up pretty quickly. For those living in Joburg, there are a few tips and tricks that you can employ to further lower your living costs and have surplus cash to spend on yourself! 

Here are 4 tips and tricks to lower costs while living in Randburg:

Four ways to cut living costs in Randburg:

1) Use public transport

One very simple way to cut costs is by cutting down on your petrol and diesel costs. Use your car less, walk to and from work and carpool to restaurants and entertainment. By using less fuel, saving on wear and tear and keeping the money you’d use on car repairs and services you can save stacks of money on transport costs. It helps to live in a convenient location in relation to your job, friends and regular activities if you are going to cut costs in this way. 

2) Entertain for free – or for less 

One of the highest costs in a personal budget is entertainment. If you have the option, choose a day of free entertainment and activities – take a walk or picnic in the park, go to a free art exhibition, go take a break and people-watch in a library or open space. There are plenty of cheap or even free activities and options to choose from in and around Randburg, so cutting down entertainment costs is made simple and fun. 

3) Eat out less or get a deal when you go to the restaurant

We know that eating out can be the biggest blow to your bank account. Try learning a new recipe each month, start a dinner club with friends or get the Entertainer app. And if you really do want a restaurant experience, find a more affordable one to visit. The area that you live in probably has some local, family-owned gems that don’t cost an arm and a leg to eat at. 

4) Location

Every city has its expensive areas to live in – rent, entertainment, shopping options. It is not a silly idea to move to an area that is slightly cheaper when trying to cut living costs. Luckily, Randburg is in the centre of the popular activities and areas, shopping centres and points of interest, but boasts a lower cost of living – specifically with Live Easy’s 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

Give affordable living in Randburg a try

Speaking of the Live Easy rental apartments, these apartment options in Randburg offer everything a large and expensive apartment would offer at a much more cost-effective rate. With a stylish interior aesthetic and all the modern comforts you could need, you won’t mind staying home instead of going to a restaurant. If you do choose a restaurant, the apartments are conveniently located and close to public transport. It is the easiest way to cut costs and save your money while living in Jozi city!