Randburg is generally safe for the most part, but there are times and places where you will want to be extra vigilant to make sure you stay safe. Especially in current times when there’s unrest and uncertainty. Unfortunately, this means the levels of crime in any given area might be higher than in other places in the world. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying all Randburg has to offer though, as you can still very much enjoy what the local landscape has to offer without much hassle by following a few simple tips:

Know your numbers (and keep them saved)

The world is a big, big place and no matter where you go – whether Randburg or Rome – there’s always a chance that something can go wrong. In those times, you need to know who you can call to help. Whether it’s someone you might have made friends with, a nearby family member, or a specialist, knowing their phone numbers by heart is a good idea for when you find yourself in a sticky situation – especially one where your phone is dead. We highly recommend learning the local helpline and emergency numbers of any place you visit. The main ones for Randburg you should know (or save in your phone) are:

  • 10111 – Nationwide Emergency Response
  • 011 986 9000 – Police Emergency Services
  • 011 375 5911 – Ambulance & Fire Services
  • 011 928 6454 – Aviation Rescue Services

*Bonus Tip: Most smartphones have an “Emergency Call” button on the lock screen that you can use to contact any emergency service for free, without needing to unlock the phone or SIM card.

Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings

Almost all incidents are preventable if you stay mindful of your surroundings while out and about. Most people in Joburg have adopted an “Eyes-forward, Stern-face” approach to walking around town as this will make you seem a bit more imposing and not give anyone a reason to stop you without really trying to – at which point you can already tell something might be off. The Randburg Police station has issued a comprehensive list of safety tips to follow while moving around that can be found here. We suggest giving it a read.

Tell someone where you are going

If you’re living alone, or are planning to go out by yourself, it might be a good idea to let a friend or family know where you’re going and what your plans are. That way, you know there is someone looking out for you if something were to happen. Some apps can be downloaded which function similarly to this. A popular and widely-used safety app in South Africa is Life360, which is an international safety service used by over 25 million people. You connect with the accounts of trusted contacts beforehand – your mom, best friend, or partner – and then they can track your live location while you’re out. It also features a Panic Button feature which lets you easily send an emergency signal to service providers and trusted contacts, letting them know that you need their help. 

Live with security

Randburg is a beautiful place to live, full of vibrant people and exciting scenes that can all be enjoyed safely by preparing well and constantly being observant. Keeping watch all the time can be tiring though, and you deserve to rest in a place where you know you’re secure. 

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