You can live in a place without really getting to know it or you can invest in it and make the city, the suburb and the surrounding truly your home. In this, we go through how and why you should consider making Randburg your home – in everything that entails.

Location, location, location

When you think of Johannesburg, you might think of Sandton, the business and industrial hub of the province. But Randburg has a wealth of opportunities, and it comes with the advantage of often better rental and property prices as well as having remarkably convenient transport linked to West and Central Johannesburg.

Entertainment options

Randburg is a well-established suburb with delightful outdoor areas catering to the active, the young, and the family-focused. Pack up a picnic lunch for an outing or paddle a boat on Zoo Lake. Delta Park. The outskirts of Randburg offers scenic spaces for leisurely hikes and getting up close and personal with nature. 

Brightwater Commons is also a must-see for everyone because there is something for everyone. Visitors to this delightful little location in the middle of suburbia are greeted by affordable cafes and lush, rolling lawns.

Affordable living

Randburg believes that there is a need to support the creation of more housing opportunities for all individuals. With the city providing resources into infrastructure including transportation, housing, roadways, parks, and public open spaces, libraries, utilities, there is a focus on sustainable and affordable living. 

This means living in Randburg is not only a good call for now but making the region your home is a smart investment for the future. Choosing Randburg will pay for itself time and with the city’s increased economic vibrancy and livability.

A booming job market

The headquarters of heavy-hitting local names like Multichoice and its affiliated firms, M-Net and SuperSport, are based in Randburg. With Sandton right next door, the job market with corporations such as the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and other significant blue-chip companies, are always looking for new talent and skills. 

Live in Randburg and make it your home

Randburg attracts individuals who live, work, and love in the region and it creates a personality and energy that takes on a life of its own and exists outside of the thriving city of Sandton. Randburg is alive and ready to be explored. Move-in and move up, and do it affordably. Choose Live Easy and opt for safe, secure, sophisticated Randburg living!