If you’re seeking easy living, do you look for affordable rental apartments to rent in the heart of the city, or do you look for a house in the suburbs?

Suburban life is idyllic, right? The white picket fences and all that. But have you ever really questioned this notion? Is it really and truly better?

We humans accept certain things without stopping to interrogate them. We take our cues from what we grew up with or from what we see others doing and just accept it. Perhaps we learned things from movies and television, and so we simply assume that it’s the way things should be done.

But is this not a short-sighted way to approach big decisions in life – such as where and how you choose to live? 

With that in mind, let’s compare city living with suburb living. Which is truly the path to easy living?

Suburban Living Rental Apartments

The suburban life usually comes with a bigger property and a bit more privacy. It’s also the best place to live if you want dogs and cats. However, there are many downsides to living out in the suburbs. 

Probably one of the biggest downsides is that you face an increased security risk. Almost all of your security is your responsibility alone. This means burglar bars, CCTV cameras, alarms, electric fences and so on – often at your expense alone.

The suburbs often come with an inherent increased need for maintenance. This includes gardening and building maintenance – maybe even a swimming pool as well. The time and money spent on such things can quickly escalate. Many suburban dwellers will tell you that much of their free time, and excess income is spent on maintenance work.

Included in this is the risk of pest infestations, such as rats, ants and cockroaches. Moreover, all of this is, once again, your problem to sort out.

Suburban living often also comes with a longer commute to work because you likely work in the city. This means more stress and time wasted in traffic, not to mention increased fuel costs and risk.

Moreover, you might not love pets so much anymore when you have to deal with dogs barking up and down the street all day and night, as well as cats coming into your yard to do their business in your flower beds.

City Living Rental Apartments

Renting an affordable apartment in the city, such as those available from Live Easy, comes with a bevy of advantages. Sure, you might not have as much space, but you gain in freedom what you lack in space.

Security is taken care of. Maintenance is sorted. Pest control is none of your concern. And your commute is so short you could probably walk to work or simply take a bicycle. 

You will still have access to several facilities that you would have had in the suburbs, but you don’t need to worry about the upkeep. 

If you’re looking for Randburg apartments to rent, then let us show you what convenient options we have on offer to suit your budget. Contact us now to find out more!