You’re young, you’re qualified, you’re earning well, and so you want to live large. There are lots of Randburg apartments to rent – some simple and cheap and some lavish and expensive. Understandably, you might want to keep up appearances and look successful. After all, you’ve worked hard to get here. This article is going to give you full insight on small rentals and why you should consider them as a young professional.

The truly smart and forward-thinking young professionals are choosing to downplay the outward shows of their success. Instead, they are opting for a wiser, more moderate approach to spending in the present, with a keen eye on growing their future instead.

Possibly the largest expense in any young person’s budget is rent. It’s not uncommon for that one expense to chew up at least half of your monthly income or more. Renting small could help alleviate some of that pressure from your balance sheet.

Room To Save

While choosing to rent a small nano apartment might mean a reduction in physical space, it also means an increase in space in your budget to save money. Money spent on rent is money you’ll never get back. Living lavishly while young limits your ability to grow in future.

Small rentals also mean less money spent on rent now, therefore, means more money you can save for later. By living small now, you can get ahead in years to come when you have money saved for a deposit on a house or further education or whatever it is you want to invest in.

Less Temptation To Buy Junk

Living in a nano apartment means that you don’t have endless space for frivolous purchases. It’s a useful way of dissuading you from wasting your money on stuff you don’t need. If you only buy what you truly need, you will save more money.

Lower Utility Bills

The smaller the space, the less you will have to spend on water and lights bills, among other monthly bills that quickly add up when you live in a bigger place. Keeping it small keeps your monthly expenses down, which makes it easier to save. Small rentals are also easier to manage financially at your own time and budget.

More Time

Time is money, so they say. Living in a nano apartment will free up a ton of time for you because you don’t need to waste time managing a sprawling household. With less space to worry about maintaining and cleaning, you will have more time to spend on your career, your studies, your social life and whatever other interests you might have.

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