If you’ve already set your sights on the next upcoming holiday, you may want to consider swapping your vacay away for a cosy staycation in the City of Gold. Venturing out in your own city saves money on travel costs and helps you stay safe from pesky viruses that are lurking in crowded spaces, waiting for their next victim. Try something different and minimise your stress levels with these amazing staycation ideas in Johannesburg. You may be surprised by just how many undiscovered places there are right on your doorstep!

Red Bus Tour 

A great way to see the main sights of Johannesburg is on the Red Bus with City Sightseeing. You can easily hop on and hop off at any of the 16 stops. It’s a wonderful way for families or couples to see what the city has to offer while you relax and enjoy the ride. There’s no planning or navigating involved ‒ you can leave all that up to your tour guide. Some of the highlights include the Johannesburg Zoo and Military Museum, which you can enjoy at your leisure.

Crandle Of Humankind 

The Maropeng Centre at the Cradle of Humankind is about an hour away from Johannesburg and makes for a soul-satisfying outing. Some of history’s most important archaeological findings have been discovered and preserved here. Visitors can have a chance to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site, also known as the birthplace of humanity. Highlights include exhibitions, a trip to the Sterkfontein Caves where some significant fossils were found, and interactive activities. This is just one of many scenic natural locations to visit on your Johannesburg staycation.


Wherever you choose to go for your Johannesburg staycation, you will find no shortage of intriguing dining options, as the city is brimming with a variety of restaurants and cafes for you to indulge in. From urban to high-end, with every type of cuisine you can imagine, you are sure to find something that will please your palate and your wanderlust whether you are in Randburg, Sandton, Midrand or anywhere in between. You can even explore the wine farms or enjoy gin-tasting for something different and refreshing.

Easy Living Every Day

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