Apartment Hunting Tips

Moving into a new apartment can be risky, whether it’s 53 Main Street in Marshalltown or elsewhere, you want to ensure it’s the right place for you. After all, you’re signing up to live in a new place for a relatively long time ‒ most leases last a year ‒ without knowing much about what you might be getting yourself into. Here are some apartment hunting tips for how to pick a good place when hunting for an apartment.

Check That Everything Works

If you’ve found a place that you think you could see yourself living in for the next year or more, then make sure everything works before signing on. Once you move in, anything that doesn’t work could become your problem and even be blamed on you and taken out of your deposit.

Check that the electrical outlets work, see that the taps run in the kitchen and bathrooms, and if there are any other features such as Wi-Fi or DSTV as part of the deal, make sure these things work too.

Enquire About Neighbours

The apartment might look good and everything seems to be in order, but before you make your final decision, it is worth asking about the neighbours and perhaps even doing a little investigating of your own.

Bad neighbours can ruin an otherwise good home. This could include neighbours who have frequent noisy parties, barking dogs, screaming children and so on. These kinds of things can make your once great apartment seem like hell on earth. So it’s worth finding out what they’re like and if you will get along with them.

Measure Things When Apartment Hunting

When you move into an apartment, you’ll want to bring a bunch of furniture and appliances with you. Therefore, when hunting for a place to stay, it’s good to bring a tape measure with you just to see if your stuff will fit.

There is nothing worse than moving in after signing a lease, only to find that your TV, bed or some other key item doesn’t fit into the space provided.

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