The inner city district of Marshalltown restaurants in Johannesburg are fast becoming part of a renewed business district for the city, filled with a wide array of businesses of all kinds and increasingly attractive places to live.

Marshalltown is also home to an array of good places to eat.

Urbanologi – Marshalltown

This unique eatery is well-known by locals for its fusion food-styled cuisine. Some of its most popular dishes are the delicious potato wedges, yakitori chicken, delectable pork belly, oysters and fabulous craft beer. Marshalltown restaurants like these bring you the best of everything.

The atmosphere is also truly unique and cosy, with gorgeous lighting and well-designed interiors that feature comfortable seating and a warm atmosphere. 

Unfortunately, Urbanologi does not offer takeaway foods, so you have to stay if you want to try their food. Thankfully, they often have live entertainment and a full bar available, so it’s not hard to enjoy sticking around for hours.

Olives And Plates

This wonderful Greek restaurant has plenty of outdoor seating in a luxurious and inviting Mediterranean-styled setting.

It is well known for its delicious pecan pie, beef burger, desserts, cheesecake, cakes and salads, and it is a great place to go and have breakfast.

The generous portions mean that you will get good value for your money, and the full bar and picturesque environment make it a great place to visit with friends or on a date.

Takeaways are available here if you’re just in the mood for the food but don’t want to sit down.

Swallows Inn

This little Chinese food joint might seem unassuming, but it features some of the best Chinese food you’ll find in Johannesburg.

The food is extremely carefully prepared and tasty, with many patrons claiming it is a cut above other Chinese food places thanks to the attention to detail put into the dishes.

This small and unassuming restaurant features all your favourite Chinese dishes for very reasonable prices, with great service to boot.

Cramers Coffee

This quaint and cosy coffee shop is nestled in the city and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The coffee itself is fantastic, but the food is just as delectable, with an array of wraps, pastries, sandwiches and other snacks to compliment your java.

This little coffee shop is filled with the smell of roasting coffee beans and is a great place to start your day. They even offer smoothies.

The atmosphere is warm and cosy, with the only downside being that it is small, meaning that you better get there early to get a table.

There are many great places to eat in Marshalltown, where Live Easy has affordable apartments to rent. Contact us now to apply.