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Even if your apartment is a cosy haven, staying inside the whole weekend is not always healthy. Sometimes, it can do wonders to take a step outside, get some sun and fresh air, and take a walk through nature. Pretoria hiking trails allow you to walk outside and revitalise the spirit and send a rush of dopamine to the brain, doing wonders for your mood and overall health. 

When living in the city, a walk outside in nature might not seem that easy to do. The truth is, there are plenty of great hiking trails in and around Pretoria that are not only beautiful but easy to get to.

Are you searching for the best “hiking trails near me” in Pretoria? 

Let’s take a look at our top three picks for hiking trails in Pretoria that you can enjoy at your leisure.

Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve Trail

This gorgeous trail is located inside the Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve, a 100 ha sanctuary for a wide variety of African wildlife and plantlife, preserved and sustained despite the city being so nearby. 

Various trails in the reserve run for between 1.5 km to almost 4 km. Along this trail, one can expect to see zebras, blesbok, springbuck, duiker, impala, ostriches and bushbuck, among other animals.

Moreover, avid bird watchers will also see a wide range of birds.

This trail features plenty of greenery and lots of shade where one can rest up and relax. Note that no dogs or bicycles are allowed on the trail owing to the wild animals.

Groenkloof Nature Reserve Hiking Trail

The 600 ha Groenkloof Nature Reserve was one of the first wildlife sanctuaries in Africa and is home to the famous National Heritage Monument.

Three hiking trails are available, ranging from 3.7 km to 10.5 km in distance, and one can also expect to encounter a range of wildlife along the way.

Some of the animals one might encounter include impala, kudu, blue wildebeest, ostrich, giraffe and red hartebeest, as well as various birds.

This wonderful reserve has a lot of history behind it and is located right near the fountain circle near the iconic entrance to the city. 

Hennops Hiking Trail

This hiking trail is a little further out ‒ about 30 km from Pretoria ‒ but still close enough for a day visit.

This idyllic trail follows the unspoilt Hennops river and meanders into the surrounding hillsides, taking one to gorgeous views and relaxing spots to rest up and breathe in the peaceful surroundings.

At only R100 per adult, this is one of the cheapest hiking trails in the area, considering the value for money. The trails at Hennops range from about 2 km to 10 km.

We hope this satisfies your search for the best “hiking trails near me” in Pretoria. Living in a Live Easy apartment building makes it so easy to lock up and go out for the day. Contact us at Live Easy to find out more.