Nana Street Pretoria

Nana Sita Street in Pretoria ‒ formerly called Skinner Street ‒ was given its new name around 2007 as part of a widespread campaign to rename a number of streets in the spirit of achieving racial harmony after Apartheid and to better reflect the wide and varied cultural and racial heritage of South Africa.

If you want to live somewhere filled with a variety of rich cultural heritage and history, then look no further.

Who Was Nana Sita?

Nana Sita, who was also called Nanabhai, originated from Matwadi, Gujarat in India. He arrived in South Africa in 1913 and went to reside in Pretoria. 

Later, he became the Transvaal Indian Congress Pretoria branch secretary while also being intimately involved with the Indian Passive Resistance Movement.

Nana Sita later became the Transvaal Indian Congress president and was a card-carrying Transvaal Passive Resistance Council executive member. 

He was instrumental in leading a resistance group, including struggle stalwart and famous activist Walter Sisulu. 

During the State of Emergency that was declared in 1960, Nana Sita was arrested and thereafter banished and imprisoned for not complying with the Group Areas Act ‒ a key piece of legislation that upheld apartheid.

In short, Nana Sita was a struggle icon and resisted the apartheid regime through passive resistance and never backed down.

Why Live On Nana Sita Street?

Nana Sita Street is located in the heart of Pretoria Central, right near the city’s bustling central business district. Living here, you will have access to everything the city has to offer, from public transport to hospitals, to a wide range of jobs, to a plethora of shopping opportunities and more.

It’s great for students as well, since the street is not far from UNISA and the University of Pretoria.

The Live Easy apartment building on Nana Sita Street in Pretoria is packed to the brim with great amenities, including a gym, a convenience store, gardens and a play area, a laundromat and a work area. 

You will get to live in an area rich with history and significance for a very affordable price, while also feeling safe and secure thanks to our biometric access control, 24 hours security and CCTV camera system.

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