If you’re looking for a great place to live, then have you considered looking for apartments to rent in Rivonia?

Rivonia is a suburb of Johannesburg and is a key part of the greater Sandton area. Let us take a look at some of the things that Rivonia is known for and whether or not it’s a decent place to live.


One of the first things people think of when they hear of Rivonia is the area’s general affluence. In general, it is considered one of the more upmarket parts of Johannesburg. The area is peppered with classy suburban homes and elegant apartments, complimented by all of the amenities that come with such a community ‒ tennis courts, parks, good schools, well-funded churches and a bevy of great shopping centres.

You can expect the area to be well-maintained and decently looked after ‒ no crumbling pavements overgrown with weeds, for example ‒ with plenty of security around every corner.

Naturally, living in an affluent area means you will eventually build relationships with other affluent people, which will help improve your social standing, career prospects and more. The long-term investment of living in such an area is well worth it.


As mentioned, living in an upmarket area such as Rivonia brings with it numerous opportunities to not only raise your social standing but also your career. The Rivonia area is known for being a bustling business hub ‒ particularly for upstart and established technology companies.

Living close to this hub means you will have plenty of access to job opportunities in the area. It also means that you will likely be near your own office, as a large portion of those who have office jobs in South Africa work in the Sandton area.


As mentioned before, the Rivonia area has an array of upmarket amenities that are the envy of many other areas. The shopping experience alone is hard to beat, with everything ranging from small boutique stores to unique and interesting thrift stores to elegant and upmarket department stores and everything in between. You will be spoiled for choice with all kinds of clothing stores, nurseries, furniture stores, tech stores and much more. In addition, you will have access to a range of great malls nearby.

The restaurant, nightclub and general entertainment game in Rivonia is also pretty great. You will find no shortage of interesting and varied places to spend the evening out or to order some delectable takeaways. Moreover, a wide range of nightclubs, bars and other entertainment venues such as cinemas and arcades make the area a wonderful place to socialise and never get bored.

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