When planning your staycation in Johannesburg, there are several things you should keep in mind so that you make the most of it.

What Is A Staycation?

A staycation is not just staying at home during the holidays but rather turning your home into a place where you feel like you are on holiday despite being at home. The word “vacation” is derived from the word “vacate”, which means to leave an area. Therefore, the whole idea of a vacation is predicated on going somewhere else. Therefore, a staycation is about making your home feel like you are going somewhere else, even though you are not.

How can this be achieved? Let’s take a look at some ideas.


Firstly, you will need to have some leave from work. This should not be a problem since most companies implement mandatory leave over the Christmas and New Year’s period. After all, a staycation is not a staycation if you have to go to work every day.


Another way to make your staycation feel like you are elsewhere is to invest in some delicious things to eat. A great way to enjoy your staycation is to research some wonderful and easy-to-make recipes that you are sure you can pull off and to plan your grocery budget for that period around the possibility of making those dishes to get the most out of your staycation.

You want to make sure that you have good food at all times. Snacks, drinks and fun recipes to try out are an integral part of this. Now is not the time to worry about diets!


Another way to ensure that you enjoy your staycation is to prepare for it by ensuring your home is clean and comfortable. Nothing can ruin a vacation or a staycation quite as quickly as a dirty home. If you feel like you are living in squalor, you won’t enjoy your stay.

Make sure that the place undergoes a good spring clean before the start of the staycation so that you can enjoy your home to the fullest.


When you plan your staycation, take cognisance of the summertime amenities in your vicinity. This might include access to parks, swimming pools, suntanning areas and outdoor restaurants. Anywhere where you can take a good book and relax is a place you should take note of.

You should make sure that you have a swimming pool that you have access to for those days when it just gets too hot and you need to cool off. Some apartment complexes have this as part of the amenities. However, in some cases, you may need to visit a public pool or a friend’s pool. Whatever the case, do your research in advance so that you have somewhere to go when those hot days come.


Try to arrange get-togethers with friends. Find out which of your friends will be around during the period and which will be going away. Plan events such as braais, outings or games nights with those who stay nearby. Socialising is a great way to ensure your staycation is memorable and fun.


It is also worthwhile to have some personal entertainment lined up, such as a series of good books to read or otherwise a subscription to a streaming service, a connection to DSTV or otherwise a handful of great DVDs.

Whatever your viewing method of choice, having access to some great film and television shows to get lost in during this period when you’re alone is highly recommended.

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