Rivonia is an upmarket suburb in the Sandton area of Johannesburg. It is known for its affluent suburban population, as well as the bevy of upmarket apartments and flats that pepper the area.

If you wish to relocate to Rivonia, there are some wonderful Rivonia apartments on offer from Live Easy that you can rent today. These apartments can be rented on a budget, which means that you can live an affluent lifestyle while also saving.

What awaits you when you relocate to this area? Let’s take a look.

Closer To Work

Rivonia is situated in one of the greatest hubs of economic activity in Johannesburg. There are numerous startup businesses, as well as a wide range of well-established businesses that operate out of this area.

Rivonia is also very closely linked to surrounding areas such as Fourways, Bryanston, Midrand, Sunninghill and Sandton Central, where hundreds of corporate offices and other businesses are located.

This means that you will have better access to work if you work in one of these companies. Your commute will be much shorter than it otherwise would be, and you will have more time to spend on things that matter rather than time spent sitting in traffic or navigating a long commute via public transport.

Shopping And Amenities

When you move to Rivonia, you will also have access to the area’s well-established and enviable shopping experiences. There are numerous gorgeous shopping malls and a wide array of smaller shopping centres with plenty of amenities to accompany them, such as parks, outdoor restaurants and various other entertainment venues that make your stay in Rivonia that much better.

There are several wonderful nightclubs, bars and a wide range of restaurants as well, ranging from simple and affordable takeout venues to high-class sit-down top-tier restaurants.

Rivonia is also known for being a well-manicured area. Therefore, you can expect to find well-looked-after parks, walkways, sidewalks, and other public spaces.

Our Apartments

When it comes to Live Easy’s Rivonia apartments, we have a range of amenities built in that will make your stay even more pleasant. Among these are a laundromat, gym area and various entertainment and social areas such as a rooftop top lounge and braai areas, as well as indoor workspaces and lounges where you can comfortably hang out with friends or simply sit and read a book. Our Rivonia apartments even include a salon where you can get your hair styled and enjoy various other conveniences.

When you relocate to Rivonia, you can expect to find a generally safe area with excellent police and security presence. You can also expect to find a vibrant and bustling social environment wherein you can make new friends and acquaintances and seek out business opportunities around every corner.

To learn more about what awaits you when you relocate to our Rivonia apartments, contact us at Live Easy today!