If you are moving into one of Live Easy’s affordable one-bedroom apartments, such as those in our brand-new location in Sunninghill, then you might want some tips for settling in. Moving house can be stressful and disrupt your sense of comfort. By following these tips, you can ensure that you settle in quickly and feel as comfortable as possible in your new home.

Set Up Your Electronics

Nowadays, no home is complete without a bevy of electronic devices that keep us entertained, connected, and comfortable. Among these devices are mobile devices, as well as other basic appliances.

You should first establish a charging station within your new apartment. Find a well-placed electrical outlet where you can plug in all your devices to charge. Preferably, you will place your charging devices on a flat, hard surface like a tabletop. This will give you a good spot to charge your phone, tablet, laptop, and any other devices and help you feel more at home.

Also, take the time to set up your TV and/or gaming console ‒ if you have one. It’s a good idea to set these things up as soon as possible, as nothing makes a person feel at home quite like having their TV working.

You should also ensure that your internet connection is up and running. Live Easy’s apartment buildings offer Wi-Fi to residents, so speak to your landlord about getting set up.

Meet Your Neighbours

Part of the appeal of living in one of our buildings is that you become part of a community of young professionals like you who are in a similar financial and social bracket, thereby giving you a lot in common. It’s a good idea to make friends with your neighbours as soon as possible, as this will make the living experience that much more fun and enjoyable.

Knowing your neighbours also provides a degree of safety, and there is a sense of community that can make you feel less alone. You could invite your neighbours over for a drink. Alternatively, you could meet them in the communal social areas within your Live Easy apartment building. We provide several lounges and outside entertainment areas where you can socialise with other residents at your leisure. Going out together is another great way to bond. Invite some of your neighbours out for a drink or a bite to eat. It’s a surefire way to make friends quickly.

Decorate Your Apartment

Apartments truly feel settled in once they have been decorated and personalised. As a rental, there are limitations on how much redecorating you are allowed to do, but we do recommend that you put up some photographs, posters, plants, and whatever other draperies and decorations you may have to warm the place up and personalise it.

A place always feels more homely when there are photos of the people you love staring back at you, surrounding you, as well as perhaps reminding you of what you find important and beautiful in life. Plants also add warmth, personality, and a sense of serenity to any space that they’re in.

To settle into one of our affordable one-bedroom apartments today, contact us at Live Easy now. Apply for your apartment today!