Interested in renting small luxury apartments? There are plenty of wonderful options available to you from Live Easy, such as our brand-new location in Sunninghill. And with autumn upon us and summer coming to an end, we must prepare for winter. Living in a small luxury apartment during the winter can be quite cosy if you are prepared.

Here are some tips to help!

Gear Up

There are some simple, energy-efficient ways that you can warm up your apartment without having to spend a lot of money on upgrades or specialised equipment. For example, you could get a hot water bottle. Hot water bottles are extremely effective at keeping you warm for two or three hours at a time. These bottles are filled with boiling hot water, which you can then keep under a blanket to keep your legs, arms, hands, or belly warm. They’re also nice to sleep with.

Microwavable bean bags are another great option. These can be purchased for a relatively low price in most retail stores. All you have to do is microwave the beanbag for about one to two minutes, and it acts in much the same way as a hot water bottle.

In addition to these warming devices, you could also prepare by ensuring that you have cosy and warm clothing, such as thermal socks and perhaps a warm dressing gown that you can put on whenever you get home. These items will go a long way towards ensuring that your apartment is comfortable as the temperatures drop.

Prep Your Bed

To ensure that your bed is as warm and cozy as possible during the winter months, it’s a good idea to purchase some winter sheets. Winter sheets are a little thicker and fluffier than standard summer sheets and make a surprisingly large difference in helping you retain body temperature during the night.


It’s also worthwhile to invest in some extra blankets. Fluffy blankets are relatively affordable and can be found in many retail stores. Adding a few blankets on top of your duvet can go a long way towards ensuring that you stay warm.

If load shedding or high energy prices are not a concern for you, then you could also consider using an electric blanket. Electric blankets are a great way to keep warm. However, they are energy-intensive and should be used with caution and restraint.

Check Your Windows And Doors

One of the biggest reasons people get cold in their houses or apartments during winter is that the windows and doors are not properly sealed around the edges. If your apartment’s windows and doors are not sealed, approach your landlord and ask them to fix them for you. Alternatively, you could buy some inexpensive sealing tape and simply do it yourself. It might be worth the effort.

Cracked windows could also lead to cold air leaking in and warm air leaking out. You will want to get this crack repaired as soon as possible. Ensuring that your windows are not cracked or damaged is a job that falls to the landlord, so ensure that you inform them of any damaged windows in advance so that you can stay warm during winter.

Another thing you can do to ensure your apartment stays warm during the winter is to add some thick curtains to the windows. This will prevent breezes from getting in, and it will also help to insulate the room a little better. However, be sure to open the curtains during the day to let the sunlight in to warm the place.

If you are looking for small luxury apartments that are great places to stay during the winter months, contact us at Live Easy today and apply for your apartment now!