Are you living in one of Live Easy’s affordable apartments, such as our new apartments in Sunninghill? You might want to take advantage of the extraordinary cultural and creative communities that populate the city of Johannesburg. Here are several places and means for you to get inspiration from the creative communities in Johannesburg.


There are plenty of live music venues peppered across the city where you can enjoy a range of musical styles, from rock to hip hop to jazz and everything in between. Johannesburg is home to some of the most well-known and popular music venues in the country, and it’s a wonderful place to meet other musical creatives and get inspired by the musical prowess on display.

The Radium Beer Hall is an example of an iconic bar in Johannesburg that has been well-preserved as one of the oldest bars in the city. You can watch a performance on stage while eating a delicious meal, but you can also just go and have a couple of drinks and party. The Radium Beer Hall is in Orange Grove and is a fantastic place to get inspired.

Rumours Lounge is also a wonderful place to get something to eat and see some inspirational live music, whether it be local or international acts. You are sure to find quality performances here that will inspire you, and you will make new friends in the process. Rumours Lounge is situated in Randburg near Cresta.


Johannesburg is well known for its acclaimed theatrical facilities. The city has fantastic theatres capable of putting on international shows like The Phantom of the Opera to local small-scale one-man shows. Whatever the case, there’s a variety of theatres across Johannesburg for you to enjoy a bit of live theatrical performances, ranging from plays to pantomimes to operas and everything in between. Be inspired by the live performances of orchestras, choirs, ballets, and various others. Living in Johannesburg gives you access to all of this and more.


Johannesburg is also well-known for its vibrant art scene with numerous respected galleries around the city. The Maboneng District, in particular, is known for being a melting pot of new trends, arts and crafts, and awesome creative retail ideas, such as craft foods, and more.

The Melville and Parktown North districts are also the homes of some of the most important and well-renowned galleries in South Africa. In particular, Jan Smuts Avenue is known as Johannesburg’s art strip. Come and be inspired by the marvelous art galleries and fascinating pieces of visual art that you can enjoy and take in some of the most delicious food at the same time since some of the most beloved restaurants in Johannesburg can be found around the Parkwood area.

44 on Stanley is also a great place to go to catch some arts and crafts and meet with other creative individuals.

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