If you want to live in Johannesburg, not only will you benefit from the economic strength of the city, but you can also enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Just because you live in an urban area does not mean that you need to suffer from poor health. It is widely known that Johannesburg, while a bustling and exciting place to live, can be rather stressful and high-pressure at times. 

Therefore, it is important that if you live in one of our affordable luxury apartments in Johannesburg, you know about the health and wellness scene so that you can take advantage of the many opportunities that are on offer.

Let us review a few of the most noteworthy health and wellness destinations where you can receive excellent treatment or health products to ensure that you remain well.

Queer Health

The Queer Wellness Centre, which is located in Illovo on Oxford Road, is one of the first of its kind in South Africa. This centre dedicates itself to supporting the LGBTI+ community by providing state-of-the-art healthcare services with the promise of inclusionary attitudes and supportive help. 

The Queer Wellness Centre aims to provide physical, emotional, and social support without any discrimination or subpar treatment. Some of the things that the Queer Wellness Centre offers are GP consultations, anal health, psychological therapy, urology, nephrology, and an STI clinic, among other things. 

The inclusion of the Queer Wellness Centre in Johannesburg’s health and wellness scene indicates a forward-thinking city that welcomes all, making it an even better place to live.

Vegan Foods

The Vegan Hippie Connection Market is a popular alternative food market located in Parkhurst, offering vegan foods of all kinds aimed at improving health and wellness. Taking place regularly on Sundays, this market offers delicious, ready-to-eat foods as well as various ingredients to take home so that you can have a healthy and balanced vegan diet. 

Another vegan nirvana is Kaylee’s Market, located in Bedfordview. Kaylee’s Market also focuses on vegan foods, catering to the health and wellness lifestyle. Additionally, Kaylee’s has a delightful cafe where you can order first-class vegan food that will make your mouth water.


There are various other health and wellness centres and spas throughout the city, such as the Life Day Spa in Rosebank, the Thrive Your Wellness Hub in Winchester Hills, the Houghton Hotel Spa, and many more. There are excellent health spas in just about every neighbourhood throughout the city.

The city also features a large variety of world-class medical treatment facilities, doctor’s offices, and hospitals. 


Johannesburg also has some of the most fantastic gyms on the continent. In particular, there is a wide array of Virgin Active and Planet Fitness gyms that pepper the city in most suburbs. 

In addition to these two popular gym franchises, there are also a number of CrossFit clubs in various areas around the city. CrossFit is aimed at encouraging health and wellness through regular exercise and whole-body workouts. The high-intensity interval training at CrossFit is aimed at strengthening the body and improving functional movement to ensure sustainable physical well-being. The great thing about CrossFit is that you can work with others and make friends in a close-knit community of supportive trainers and fellow trainees.

If you live in one of our affordable luxury apartments in Johannesburg, you will get to take advantage of these numerous health and wellness opportunities in the city. Contact Live Easy today to apply for your apartment.