Living in one of Live Easy’s small luxury apartments can be a wonderful experience that allows you to save on costs and be near your place of work. However, during your downtime, you may want to have friends and family over for the occasional get-together, which can be challenging owing to the small space. 

Our various apartment buildings all have awesome common spaces where you can enjoy a drink or hang out with friends, but if you want to host people in the privacy of your own apartment, here are some tips to ensure you have an epic time with your friends and family.


The first thing you should do before inviting your guests around is to make sure that all unnecessary clutter is removed and packed away to free up as much space as possible. 

Tabletops, beds, bedside tables, and other surfaces should not be filled with an array of items and ornaments. Try to clear it all away and store it somewhere out of sight for the time being, as the decluttered apartment will create the sense that there’s more space in it. Moreover, clearing out the clutter can also make your apartment feel neater and cleaner, making it more amenable to guests enjoying themselves.


If possible, try to rearrange the furniture in your small apartment to make more space where possible. Lightweight chairs and small tables can be easily moved around to create a more flexible seating arrangement. 

You could consider moving your bed up against the wall and propping pillows up to turn the bed into a couch. There are various other ways to manoeuvre your furniture, but the idea is to free up floor space so that there is room to stand and also enough room to sit. 

If you do not have enough furniture or space for more, then get creative. You could, for example, host people in a cosy picnic environment on your apartment floor by laying out some blankets and pillows. This could create a unique dining experience that you could have fun with. To lean into such an arrangement, you could consider hosting a fondue party or something similar so that your guests end up having a memorable and fun experience. Even though your apartment is small, the key is to not be afraid to be different and to be creative with the way you use your furniture in the space.


It can be easy to overdo the decor in a small apartment with numerous ornaments on tables and clutter on the walls, which can make the apartment feel claustrophobic. Therefore, keep your decor simple so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming by having a few simple statement pieces, such as a nice piece of art or a photograph on the wall or a well-chosen rug on the ground. This could add an interesting aspect to the space without making it feel cluttered and overwhelming.

You could also enhance the mood with unobtrusive but clever lighting choices. Consider using table lamps and string lights, for example, to make the atmosphere warmer and more inviting rather than relying solely on harsh overhead lighting. You will be amazed at how much difference a little bit of creative lighting can make to the overall atmosphere.

If you are interested in hosting in your own space, you can have an epic time in one of our small luxury apartments. Contact Live Easy today to apply!