Due to the current state of the economy, people are seeking to reduce costs as living costs are high. The good news is that here at Live Easy, we have a variety of affordable one-bedroom apartments that can make it possible to still live a comfortable life in Johannesburg. 

Here is a guide to what you want to look for in apartments in the city in 2023.

Low-cost Living

As mentioned, times are tough, and living costs are high. This has put a lot of people’s budgets under strain. So, reducing living costs can have a big impact on one’s quality of life. By renting a smaller apartment and reducing your space requirements, you can significantly reduce your cost of living and save a lot of money to help you cover your other bills when needed. 

Given the current economic climate and the fact that people’s jobs are, in some cases, uncertain, having a low-cost living option is a must so that you can ride out the storm in comfort.

Shared Amenities

If you are looking for something that offers low-cost living while still providing a reasonable degree of comfort and luxury, then you want to find a place that offers shared amenities. These amenities could include gyms, laundry facilities, social areas, office space, and free Wi-Fi, among other things. 

If you can find an apartment complex that has an array of shared amenities such as these, then this will stand you in good stead in the current year as you try to reduce your cost of living while still enjoying a good quality of life. Here at Live Easy’s apartment complexes, we offer all of these and more.

Remote Working Capability

Ever since the pandemic, people have wanted to work remotely, and many companies have incorporated remote working into their daily routines permanently. Many employees nowadays have aspects of their jobs that they can do from home. 

Therefore, having an apartment to rent that offers remote working capability is essential. This means finding an apartment complex that offers office space with free Wi-Fi and places to have uninterrupted meetings, where you can continue your professional work without any compromise. While it is always possible to work in your apartment, having office space can go a long way towards helping you concentrate and keep your mind focused.


Unfortunately, as beautiful as Johannesburg is, there is a relatively high crime rate. So, it is important to live in an apartment complex that offers excellent security. Few things can ruin your quality of life like feeling unsafe. If your property gets stolen or your personal safety is threatened, it can be extremely traumatising. 

Living in an apartment complex that offers excellent security features is therefore an absolute must in Johannesburg in 2023. Modern technologies, such as biometrics, can help ensure that access is tightly controlled so that your property and person are safe at all times. 

Here at Live Easy, we have biometric access control as well as CCTV cameras throughout the building to ensure that everyone who lives there is safe and secure.

Minimised Commute

Given the high price of petrol and the intense congestion on Johannesburg roads, especially during peak hours in the mornings and afternoons, it makes sense that you would want to live in an apartment that is close to your place of work so that you can minimise the amount of driving that you have to do or the number of taxis that you have to catch. This is one of the biggest trends driving the rental market in Johannesburg: people want to live close to work. 

Thankfully, Live Easy’s apartment complexes are situated in central economic hotspots, so you will always be close to your workplace, and your commute will be minimal. This helps you save on costs as well, in addition to improving your overall quality of life.

Contact us at Live Easy today to apply to live in one of our affordable one-bedroom apartments. Enjoy quality living today!