In this modern day and age, looking after your health is more important than ever. After the scare that many people had during the pandemic, it has become more apparent that looking after your well-being is of critical importance. 

Not only is your health important, but your sense of safety and security is important as well, in addition to your psychological well-being. 

At Live Easy, we have affordable apartments for rent that you can take advantage of to enhance your health and safety. Here are some ways that living in an apartment community can boost your well-being. 

Reduced Crime

We all know that the crime rate in South Africa is higher than we would like it to be. However, by living in an apartment community, you can ensure your safety and security. 

At apartments such as ours, you will have access to secure parking so that your car and its contents are safe at all times. In addition to secure parking, biometric security at the entrance to the apartment complex will ensure that no trespassers can enter. Moreover, anyone who does enter the building will be recorded, minimising the possibility of crime taking place inside. 

CCTV cameras are in place throughout the building to monitor everything and ensure that any potential incidents are recorded or stopped before they can take place. 24-hour security guards are also on duty, which will ensure that there is always someone on call to help in the event of an emergency. 

Living in a community such as an apartment block also creates security in numbers, so you will never be as isolated as you might be living in a suburban area.


Our apartment complexes offer wellness amenities that can boost your health. Living in a suburban area would often mean that you would either have to take out a gym membership or go jogging in the streets. However, by living at a Live Easy facility, you will have access to an on-site gym where you can get much-needed exercise at no additional cost while also remaining safe. 

In addition to a gym, our apartment complexes also offer conveniences like salons, further contributing to wellness and ensuring that you are looking good and in good shape at all times.

Friends and Neighbours 

Having neighbours in a tight-knit community, such as those found in apartment complexes, can contribute significantly to the safety and well-being of all those who live there. By having people around at all times, there is always someone close by in the event of an emergency. 

The feeling of being surrounded by others contributes to feeling less lonely. This is important from a psychological perspective, especially for people who live alone, as this can help them feel like they are more part of a community and less isolated. In an age where depression and anxiety are increasingly ubiquitous, having a community surrounding you can be an important part of contributing to your psychological health.

Enjoy the apartment community at any of our locations in Johannesburg and Pretoria and enhance your wellness. Contact us at Live Easy today to apply to live in one of our affordable apartments for rent.