At Live Easy, we know that city living can quickly become sedentary, what with all the sitting in offices, sitting in cars, sitting on trains and buses, sitting in classes, and sitting in front of the TV. 

To make matters worse, gym memberships are expensive, and going for a run out in the city streets and parks isn’t always safe unless you go in groups. This is especially true for women.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the safe and cost-effective ways you can make healthier choices while living in our housing apartments in Pretoria.

  • Get Active

At Live Easy, we know how important it is to our tenants that they remain healthy. That’s why we have provided in-house gyms at most of our Live Easy apartments, which are free for all our tenants to use. 

In addition, we provide regular aerobic fitness classes for all of our tenants. Not only are these classes great fun and a good way to stay fit and healthy, but they also provide an opportunity to socialise with fellow tenants in a safe and upbeat setting.

Another great way to get free and safe exercise is to always take the stairs. Whether you’re at the office or your apartment building, if there is a choice between taking the stairs and taking the lift, choosing the stairs on a daily basis is an easy way to get fit and burn calories.

  • Watch What You Eat

Making healthy eating choices is something personal and unique to each person’s situation. However, what is always a good idea is to cut back on excessive sugars and processed foods in general, opting for fresh fruits and vegetables when possible.

While it’s sadly true that some health foods are more expensive than unhealthy stuff, there are ways to eat more healthy without spending more. One way is to cut back on sugary drinks and alcohol and opt for water wherever possible. 

Another is to cut out fast food. Yes, its tempting to just buy a pizza, burger, or greasy kota after a long day’s work. It’s easy and delicious. But it’s also an expensive way to live, racking up both financial and health costs. It’s far healthier and more cost-effective to plan and make your own meals using healthier ingredients.

  • Get Outside

Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for your health. Staying cooped up in your apartment with the curtains drawn while playing video games or watching movies nonstop is not good for your health. It’s perfectly normal to have some downtime like this, but you should make an effort to get out whenever you can.

At Live Easy, we know that this is important to our tenants, which is why we provide awesome outdoor social areas to enjoy a braai or simply catch a few rays while breathing fresh air. Alternatively, you could take regular trips to places like the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens or any of the many nature reserves in the area for a day hike.

Here at Live Easy, we don’t just provide housing apartments in Pretoria, but a holistic lifestyle solution for our tenants. Contact us now to apply!