With the festive season approaching, you want to ensure you can celebrate the end of the year and the holidays that come with it in style. Even if you live in one of our small luxury apartments in Pretoria, you can still ensure that your space is festive, cheerful, and ready to host festive celebrations. 

Here are some cost-effective ways to spruce up your apartment for the holiday season.

Magical Lighting

A few small tweaks to your lighting setup can do wonders for your apartment’s atmosphere. You could invest in some low-cost candles to give the room a warm and cheery glow. However, using open candles should be done cautiously, as open flames pose a fire hazard. 

If open-flame candles are not your cup of tea, opt for a low-cost set of fairy lights to string up around your apartment. Fairy lights can be found at various stores, ranging from department stores like Game or Makro to specialty stores like Typo. They can either be battery-operated or plugged into an electrical outlet. 

Combine your fairy lights with candles to set a festive mood for maximum effect.

Festive Scents

While visual decorations can indeed make a place seem festive, nothing is quite as powerful as the sense of smell to evoke happy emotions and nostalgia. 

Invest in a few festive scents. These aromas usually come in the form of essential oils and can either be diffused through scent sticks or scent diffusion devices. You could even try scented candles.

Permeating your apartment with the smell of nutmeg and cinnamon, for example, can create a marvellous, festive atmosphere that will improve your mood and create a sense of wonder for any of your visitors.

Low-Cost Decorations

If you have gone to any supermarket leading up to Christmas, you will no doubt notice that decorations are often quite pricey. However, you can set up your own decorations relatively cheaply. All you have to do is be creative. 

For example, you could create your own wreaths out of carefully plucked ivy branches, which grow just about everywhere in Pretoria. 

You can also fish around for pine cones if you know where to find them, and then stack them on tables and countertops. To add a degree of festive cheer, you can even splash these items with glitter or a bit of gold paint. 

It’s a great opportunity to get creative and come up with various inexpensive DIY holiday decorations. Only your imagination is the limitation.  If you must purchase decor items, then going for things like tinsel might be your best option since it is relatively affordable. 

If you’re ready to have your own space to celebrate this festive season, contact us at Live Easy today to apply to stay in one of our luxury affordable apartments in Pretoria.