In today’s society, with daily reports of gender-based violence filling up the newsreels, it’s understandable that many women live in fear for their safety. It is no wonder that women are looking for safe places to live and work, so they can go about their lives without being afraid.

Thankfully, Live Easy’s one-bedroom apartments in Pretoria offer a sanctuary for single women who wish to live solo without fear. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that empower women to live alone with confidence.

Good Security

The most crucial aspect of ensuring that women feel safe in our apartment complexes is excellent security. We provide secure parking lots, biometric access control, and 24-hour CCTV surveillance throughout our buildings to ensure safety at all times.

On-site security guards are also available 24/7, ready to assist with any issues that may arise. Having good security in an apartment complex is critical to ensuring the safety of the women inside, and at Live Easy, we prioritise making sure our tenants feel secure.

Community Living

Being in a community of friendly, helpful people and being around other women also contribute to making women feel safe. Just because you’re a woman living alone doesn’t mean you need to be isolated. 

By joining a Live Easy apartment complex, you become part of a community where you can make friends, build relationships, and always have help nearby if needed. We value community living in our apartment complexes, believing that it significantly enhances the quality of life for our tenants.

Culture of Integrity 

To ensure that women feel safe in a nation where reports of gender-based violence are prevalent, it is essential to create a culture of integrity and respect for women. That’s why at Live Easy, we actively promote the protection of our women and demand respect for women’s rights and safety in our apartment complexes. 

Our tenants enjoy the many benefits of living in a community that respects and upholds the values of gender equality and respect. This commitment fosters an environment where women can thrive, feeling secure, supported, and respected in every aspect of their lives.

Take advantage of the safe and comfortable living spaces afforded by Live Easy’s one bedroom apartments in Pretoria and start living fearlessly today! Contact us now to apply.