For those living in apartments in Pretoria, life can be made much more comfortable and convenient with the right kinds of smart home gadgets. 

When one mentions gadgets, the common assumption is that they will cost a lot of money. However, some relatively affordable gadgets are well worth investing in to improve your quality of life, even if you’re on a tight budget. 

Here are two smart home gadgets we think are essential for any apartment:

Smart Multi-Plug Adapters With USB

Almost all cell phones, tablets, rechargeable lamps, and power banks charge via a USB cable. It can be a hassle to constantly plug USB adapters into wall sockets every time you want to charge your devices. Moreover, you can usually only fit one adapter at a time, creating a problem when multiple devices need charging at once.

Investing in a low-cost smart multi-plug with USB ports is a smart choice, as it can save you a lot of hassle when trying to charge up your various devices. Common multi-plus adapters can typically accommodate several regular South African three-pin plugs, in addition to several European two-pin plugs as well. Smart adapters also have several USB ports, allowing you to plug in three or more USB cables directly to charge multiple devices at once.

These adapters typically feature surge protection as well, thereby ensuring your devices aren’t harmed during thunderstorms or when the power comes back on after load shedding. Not only is this convenient and neat, but it also saves on space – a godsend in small apartments.

Smart LED Light Bulbs

In the age of load shedding, having a light source that can operate independently of the power grid is essential. While one can always turn to torches and light candles, we recommend installing a few affordable smart LED light bulbs instead.

LED light bulbs are extremely energy efficient and long-lasting, which is already helpful. Smart LED light bulbs turn on when the power goes ou, as they are fitted with small, long-lasting batteries that charge up while the power is on and then activate when the power is switched off, powering the bulb for up to six hours.

They can be set to automatically activate when the power goes out, or you can turn them on manually if you’d prefer. Moreover, they’re compatible with any standard lightbulb socket. With these bulbs, you’ll never have to sit in the dark or fiddle with messy and dangerous candles again. 

Having these gadgets will ensure you’re much more comfortable at home. If you are looking for safe, comfortable, and affordable apartments in Pretoria to call home, then contact us at Live Easy today.