So you’ve decided to move to Gauteng to enjoy the urban lifestyle and all it offers. You’ve found great apartments for rent in Pretoria or Johannesburg, and you’re ready to take on the big city.

There is so much to see and do, as well as numerous things to be aware of if you’re going to enjoy your time in South Africa’s economic centre. To help you prepare, here are 2 things you should keep in mind so that you’re not caught off guard when you arrive.

Expect A Lot of Traffic

One of the more unfortunate things that Gauteng is known for is its busy roads. There are thousands upon thousands of cars, trucks, buses, and taxis bustling about the province, and it can be overwhelming for newcomers. 

If you’re commuting by road, factor traffic time into your schedule, especially during the morning and late afternoon peak hours when everyone is going to or coming home from work and/or school.

Thankfully, plenty of public transport options are available to help you avoid these issues, from the Rea Vaya rapid bus transport system to the Gautrain. However, the best way to avoid the traffic is to live in an apartment close to your workplace.

You Need To Be Vigilant

Although big city life can be exciting, it also comes with a fair amount of criminal activity. No city in the world is immune to this problem, and Johannesburg and Pretoria are no different. However, despite what you may have heard, it is entirely possible to live a happy, safe, and comfortable life in these cities without ever being a victim of crime if you are vigilant.

Being vigilant simply means not walking around in busy areas in certain parts of town with your cell phone out or loads of cash in your pockets. It means paying attention to the time of day you walk and on which streets. It means avoiding walking alone in strange parts of town and being out alone in the streets at night.

Aside from applying a bit of common sense, you can also enjoy safety if you live in a secure apartment with 24-hour security and strict access control. These features will give you peace of mind.

Here at Live Easy, we offer safe, low-cost luxury apartments for rent in Pretoria and Johannesburg that will put you in close proximity to your work, making your semigration to Gauteng all the easier and more comfortable. Contact us now for more information or to apply.