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Rental Living in an apartment is very different from living in a house in the suburbs for many reasons. There are numerous benefits to apartment living that certainly make it worthwhile pursuing as a lifestyle. Let’s take a look at eight reasons why living in an apartment is better.

1 – Location

Usually, apartments are located in the city. The apartment lifestyle is a result of space constraints that come with neighbourhoods of the city being extremely sought after. Apartments are thus usually very well situated in close proximity to places of work and busy, popular districts full of things to do and see. If you want to live close to where all the action happens, then apartment living is the way to go.

2 – Security

Apartments usually come with pretty good security measures in place. These measures typically include access control, security guards, cameras, secure parking and more. In Johannesburg, where crime is an unfortunate reality to confront ‒ like in any major city ‒ then choosing a living arrangement with built-in security measures is a smart move.  

3 – Amenities

Most decent apartment complexes come with an array of useful amenities for you to enjoy. The use and upkeep of these amenities are built into your rent. You don’t have to worry about maintaining a swimming pool or purchasing a gym membership because these things are freely available to you.

4 – Affordability

Renting a good apartment comes with a lot of included benefits. It’s often a lot cheaper to get a luxurious lifestyle by renting an apartment with amenities, security and maintenance included than by renting a house somewhere where most of these things become added costs that you have to worry about.

5 – Sustainability

If you’re environmentally conscious, then apartment living is the ideal solution. Not only are you using a smaller geographical footprint, but your carbon footprint will be lower as well. Apartments tend to require less energy than standalone houses, and they tend to produce less waste.

6 – Low Maintenance

When you rent an apartment, maintenance is not your problem. Not only does this save you time and stress but money as well. Anything that isn’t working the way it should be is taken care of by the landlord and caretaker. Most decent apartment complexes have a pretty robust and dependable maintenance regime. All you need to do is report a fault or an issue and it gets sorted out. 

7 – No Gardening

When you live in a standalone house, you have to worry about maintaining a garden. This means mowing lawns, pruning bushes and trees, dealing with organic waste, dealing with pests, watering flowers and so on. When you live in an apartment, you might have communal gardens to enjoy, but they’re not your problem to maintain. 

8 – Community

Living in your own standalone house can be lonely. It’s easy to feel isolated and shut off from society. By living in an apartment complex, you get to be part of a community. It’s a great way to make friends and take part in social activities. Moreover, there is safety in numbers. You won’t have to feel alone or scared.

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