rivonia affordable apartments

Affordable Rivonia apartments sound like something that many people wish they could afford, owing to the plethora of wonderful living options, interesting and varied restaurants and cafes, and access to world-class facilities nearby, such as some of the country’s best hospitals, most famous casinos, gorgeous parks and more.

Rivonia is a highly sought-after suburb in Sandton, South Africa’s most prestigious and most exciting urban area. 

However, living space in Rivonia is generally quite expensive, owing to its proximity to the economic and social hub of Gauteng.

Cost of Living

In 2020, some researchers estimated that, on average, a one-bedroom apartment in the most urbanised areas of Johannesburg, such as Rivonia, would cost nearly R7 000 per month. 

This cost has only gone up since then, owing to the outbreak of Covid-19, rising inflation and ballooning living costs across the country, and many landlords asking for more every month to try to cover their expenses and still make a profit.

Aside from the rent, one needs to factor in other things such as transport, food, Internet and more. These additional costs can make living in Sandton just about impossible for many people.

Affordable Options

At Live Easy, we specialise in providing affordable apartment living in areas that would otherwise be unaffordable for many people with lower incomes or who are trying to save in a time when everyone’s belts are being tightened.

Our Rivonia apartment building, at 23A 10th Avenue, offers classy and well-maintained apartments in several sizes, none of which cost more than R5 000 per month, with our nano units costing as little as R3 100 per month.


What’s more, you get access to a number of extremely useful amenities that would normally cost thousands of rands in and of themselves. These quality-of-life improvements include a

salon, gym, laundry, a workspace with a boardroom and WiFi, indoor and outdoor lounges and chill spaces, as well as a rooftop deck with a fantastic view of the city.

You will be close to the Gautrain station and the heart of Sandton, where there is great shopping, a bustling nightlife and restaurants and cafes galore. Moreover, it’s safe, featuring 24-hour security and biometric access control.

To find out more about what we have to offer and to apply for your own apartment, contact Live Easy today and start living up to your potential