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Randburg Safety Tips

Unfortunately, in modern-day South Africa, no area is completely free from the risk of criminal activity. Whether it’s a home invasion, armed robbery or a sneaky theft while you’re not at home, crime is a reality that all South Africans need to be prepared for. Even though Randburg is considered a pretty safe area, one still should still exercise some basic precautions for home security.

Most crimes of this nature can be side-stepped by taking a few basic precautions. With a bit of forethought, preparation and care taken, you can successfully avoid being a victim altogether.

You can remain safe by being aware, street-smart and cautious without living in fear.

When Leaving Or Arriving Home

Most home robberies happen at that critical juncture when a person leaves or arrives home. At this point, they are vulnerable because they’re opening their gate and are often distracted and unaware of their surroundings.

To remain safe when leaving or arriving home, take a minute to look up and down the street as you approach your gate. Be particularly cautious at night. Take note of any suspicious people or cars loitering nearby. If you’ve been out shopping or drawing cash, make sure nobody has followed you home. If you’re not certain and if you see something suspicious, call security or the police to remove the potential threat. 

Avoid being distracted by your phone or your keys when you approach your gate. Remain aware of your surroundings by getting your keys ready in advance. Leave your phone in your pocket until you’re clear. 

If possible, install bright lights around the gate to prevent criminals from hiding nearby and surprising you. 

When Home

Another common way for home invasions or robberies to occur is for people to leave their doors unlocked. 

Whether you live in an apartment building, a house or anything in between, develop the good habit of locking your front door or security gate behind you.

Most decent apartment complexes have security guards who watch the entrances and patrol periodically. If you see anyone suspicious who has entered your complex, lock your doors and contact security to assess the threat.

Many people who live one or two stories up from the street leave their balcony doors wide open at night or while they’re out, assuming that the height is an effective security barrier. This false assumption has led to a number of avoidable break-ins over the years. It’s advisable that you close your balcony doors at night or when you leave, especially if you’re on the lower levels.

When Out

There are a million ways to get robbed, mugged or hijacked in any big city. In general, common sense will save you. If a place seems unsafe, it probably is. Follow your gut, and don’t go into dark alleyways alone at night or into quiet and secluded parks by yourself.

As a rule, don’t flash expensive jewellery when out and about in the city. The same goes for expensive gear or equipment like cameras, phones, laptops and so on. If you need to carry these things with you, use a tog bag of some kind or keep it in your pockets and avoid taking it out where others can see.

Also, avoid carrying a lot of cash. Draw only what you need and, where possible, avoid carrying cash altogether.

If you have to walk a route that makes you a little nervous, it might be a good idea to get yourself some pepper spray and to keep it at the ready in your pocket.

While all of this might sound scary, it shouldn’t. A little caution goes a long way. Most victims of crime in the city became prey because they failed to be vigilant and to take some basic precautions.

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