To live in Sandton is to be right in the midst of the most happening place in the country, where there is no end of things to do and see, where the nightlife is buzzing and the retail game is strong, where you are close to work and where the quality of life is some of the best in South Africa.

Sandton has become the beating economic heart of Johannesburg, where a large proportion of companies have established their offices, and some of the country’s most varied shopping experiences can be found.

Expensive Property

However, as a result of all of this popularity, property in the Sandton area has become extremely sought after, with property prices – both for rent and for purchase – becoming increasingly expensive as the years have gone by.

This might make you wonder how on earth you might be able to afford to live in such a place, where property has become prohibitively expensive for many. 

What’s more, with living costs going through the roof of late thanks to rampant inflation, living in Sandton might seem like a dream that can never be realised – particularly if you’re young and earning an entry-level income.

It’s a bit of a catch-22, though. Rent in Sandton is too expensive for many, but commuting into Sandton every day for work is also just as costly, thanks to through-the-roof fuel prices that just don’t seem ever to stop rising.

Nano Apartments

Thankfully, there is a solution, which comes in the form of Live Easy’s nano apartments in Rivonia, which are going for just R3 100 a month. These classy little units are perfect for a single person who wants to live simply but in style and be close to heart of the city, minimising or even eliminating the commute ‒ saving you even more money.

These apartments have everything a person needs to be comfortable and secure, without any of the fluff that ends up driving the price of living up beyond what is affordable.

Nestled inside the Live Easy apartment building, these units benefit from all of the amenities on offer to other tenants. These amenities include 24-hour biometric access control and security, a laundry, a gym, indoor and outdoor chill areas, braai facilities, a workspace with a boardroom and WiFi, a salon, mini-golf and more.

You can enjoy a comfortable and easygoing lifestyle without having to fork out endless amounts of cash every month, while living in one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Gauteng.

To find out more about Live Easy’s fabulous nano apartments and how it can afford you the opportunity to live in Sandton for an extremely affordable rate, contact us today!