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Pleasure vs Necessity

Times are tough. Money simply doesn’t go as far as it used to. Salaries aren’t generally growing at the same rate as inflation, and the cost of just about everything is going through the roof.
Thanks to a confluence of factors ranging from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to Covid-19 to load-shedding, the cost of living has become extremely high. Many of us can’t afford to go on vacation anymore – at least not for the next while. Enter the Johannesburg Staycation!

Cost Efficient Living

Fuel costs are at an all-time high, so taking a drive down to the coast for a beachside chill session is just not really that feasible.
With summer approaching, many of us are contemplating how we are going to spend the December holidays, with the conclusion for many being that a staycation is the way to go this year – and possibly for the next few years as well!
Thankfully, if you stay in one of Live Easy’s apartments at 23A 10th Rivonia road, a staycation can be pretty awesome!

Here are some ways you can enjoy your summer in our classy apartments, located right in the hub of Johannesburg’s most illustrious neighbourhood.

  • Explore The City: Thanks to the apartment building’s proximity to the Gautrain station, it’s super easy to access large swaths of Johannesburg and Pretoria without ever having to go near a car.
  • Take a Walk: There are also plenty of awesome places to go and things to see in Sandton within walking distance or, at worst, a short taxi ride away.
  • Chill in the privacy and comfort of our apartments – you can happily sleep in late, take long afternoon naps, watch your favourite show on the plug-and-play DSTV or read a good book in bed.
  • If you’re not keen on sitting inside all day, then you can enjoy the outdoors by sitting on the rooftop patio, where you will have a gorgeous view of the city before you.