Soweto, a name synonymous with many famous individuals, is jam-packed with interesting things to see and do. Soweto is a township that belongs to the City of Johannesburg’s Metropolitan Municipality in Gauteng, South Africa and is an abbreviation of South Western Townships.

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Listed here are a couple of cool things to do in Soweto: 

For the adventurous, bungee-jumping from the colourful Orlando Towers is a must. This landmark consists of two huge cooling towers most famous for their bright exterior drawings that can be seen for miles away. For the adventure seeker, this a must-do.

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Take a bicycle tour through Soweto 

See Soweto up close and personal on your bike with Soweto Backpackers tours. You will get all the history you want during a half-day or full-day tour, plus you get to see, smell, hear and enjoy the anecdotes of the locals in shebeens and home-grown eaters at some of Soweto’s little jewels. 

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Don’t forget to pay Kliptown a visit 

In 1955 three thousand people congregated to write The Freedom Charter which is a statement consisting of values that the liberal constitution of South Africa is based on. The Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication can be found in the heart of Kliptown where you can browse through shops, visit galleries and unpack authentic South African life as Sowetans know it. 

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Taste the food of Soweto for an unforgettable gastronomical experience 

Get to taste South African cuisine at its very best washed down by local beer at spots such as Vuyos; the uBuntu Kraal and Soweto Brewing companies are both worth visiting.

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The Hector Pieterson Museum and Memorial 

No visit to Soweto is complete without a visit to the Hector Pieterson Museum. The Museum opened its doors in 2002 close to the place where Hector Pieterson, a young learner, was gunned down in the 1976 riots on June 16th. Today June the 16th is a public holiday which is called Youth Day in South Africa. The iconic picture of Hector Pieterson being carried by his fellow students will live in the memories of people throughout the world. 

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Take a stroll down famous Vilakazi Street 

Vilakazi Street is perhaps the most famous street in Soweto where the former world-renowned Nelson Mandela resided. Additionally, Archbishop Desmond Tutu also lived in Vilakazi Street. View the artworks, memorials and the Nelson Mandela House. 

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Rosa Parks Library 

The Rosa Parks Library pays tribute to a brave woman who stood for her civil rights in the USA in 1955. This is a slice of history you won’t want to miss. 

A visit to Soweto is a must where rubbing shoulders with the locals and experiencing a richly coloured culture will guarantee memories that will last a lifetime. 

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