Live Easy’s Two C’s – Live Easy understands that living safely in an upmarket environment is what everyone wants, especially when you first move out of home. Additionally, convenience, lock-up-and-go facilities, great security and comfort at affordable prices would be first prize especially for all those young up and coming individuals. 

The Live Easy team understands how important comfort and convenience are. That is why we have come up with a smart solution for individuals by offering first-class lock-up-and-go nano-units in the heart of Jozi’s suburbs and the CBD of Pretoria. Our footprint can now be found in Pretoria, Jozi and Germiston and are all close to public transport, shops, medical facilities, schools, libraries and other places of interest. Now that’s what one can call convenient! 

We are turning buildings into hip urban centres where individuals can thrive in the heart of business districts and suburbs. Suffice to say, our nano-units are breathing life back into tired suburbs. 

We look at the whole picture and many of these previously “no-go” areas have potential where living is now vibrant and hip. Here you will enjoy wonderful spots where children can play safely in designated areas, meals are relished in canteens, free WiFi is the norm and safety is our priority…plus, plus, plus. CCTV, laundromats, controlled access, business centres – the world’s your oyster. 

All our buildings are clean and well-maintained which is often a far cry from any seedy areas that we have turned around, transforming whole areas into integrated spaces. Live Easy has come up with solutions where ten years ago some of the affordable, smart units would have been unimaginable and crime-ridden, dilapidated buildings. 

Sandton is the new CBD where respectable up-and-coming businesspeople and families gravitate; Randburg’s Live Easy is the perfect solution to being near enough but cost-effective enough to be close by. Furthermore, Pretoria’s Live Easy right in the heart of Pretoria is close to absolutely everything. These are two excellent examples of upmarket living at affordable prices we have to offer. 

Live Easy has achieved the impossible where affordability, safety and practicality is sought-after by trendsetters; a place to see and be seen. 

Live Easy is all about integrated places that are convenient and comfortable. 

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