There are many advantages to renting a cheap bachelor flat when you are stepping out into the big wide world. Whether this is your very first job after school or working for the first time after getting your degree; perhaps you are placing your feet firmly on the rungs of the corporate ladder at the start of your career. It is time for you to focus, focus, focus! 

At Live Easy we have come up with the perfect solution to make this transition period in your life one that is easily attainable, accessible, affordable and practical on many fronts. 

We offer cheap bachelor flat accommodation in Highlands North and Randburg, as well as numerous other areas. Our bachelor flats are fully equipped with benefits such as WiFi, DSTV Plug & Play, an outside area where kids can play, laundromat, gym, gardens, canteen, CCTV, and a workspace plus access control to ensure your safety is taken care of. This is the ideal lock-up-and-go style of living that will free you up to go on business trips or to get away for weekends and holidays without the hassle. 

It is time to let go of maintaining your garden, taking care of pets, worrying about house and pet sitters, finding the money to set up a laundry; even finding time to get to the gym far away or prepare meals. Our canteen and onsite gym, beautifully-kept gardens and immaculate surroundings are all easily accessible at affordable prices to allow enough time to keep your eye on the ball and your focus on what matters most – which is moving up the ladder of success, all the while saving you money. 

Let today be the best day of the rest of your life by thinking smart and concentrating on your climb to success.  

Remember, though, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Smile at your neighbours, invite that handsome guy or pretty girl over for a drink; get to know who lives next door to you. You might meet that someone special, and at worst, you might even make a good friend to add a little balance to a frenetic schedule. The old-fashioned way of getting to know your neighbours is a safety net for everyone – why not be the first to take that step? 

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