With the New Year staring us in the eye, it is time to sort out where you are going to live. Are you planning to renew your lease on your existing bachelor pad, or are you keen on finding something new? Bear in mind that moving always costs money – why not renew your existing lease for another year while saving money for that first deposit on a new place? Live Easy offers their tenants a wonderful opportunity of easy year-long leases where living is all about moving in and moving up. 

If you are already lucky enough to be renting a smart Nano-unit at one of our Live Easy apartment blocks – perhaps you are in Highlands North or Randburg –  you will have experienced how easy it is to have a lock-up-and-go place where everything that you need is at your fingertips. 

WiFi, DSTV Plug and Play, WiFi, a canteen, laundry and outdoor garden and play areas where you can meet and greet your neighbours, CCTV cameras and access control are all offered to ensure you have a pleasant stay. 

New Year and Christmas can prove to be lonely periods if you live on your own. This Christmas season reach out and invite a couple of neighbours to bring a plate of eats to share in the outdoor and play area where you can share a bit of gossip, fun and laughter. Make the first move – you’d be surprised how many lonely individuals there are living on their own in apartment blocks. Who knows? You might make a new group of friends. 

This Christmas and New Year be the first to extend the olive branch to form new friendships and relationships – a good place to start is with a ready audience – your neighbours. It is never too late to be kind, hospitable and generous with your friendship. 

Make the first step to make it better. It could be something as simple as a smile. 

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