For those individuals looking for a brand new neighbourhood – these five top tips will make rending in Jozi a lot easier. Remember that your very next home is just one deciding factor away from becoming a reality.  

As you grow up in a home surrounded by your family and home comforts, the very first seeds of relationship and love of property begin way back then – long before you sign your very first lease. 

For most individuals, renting is the very first step in finding independence and owning a little place they can call their own. For many individuals, renting a property is what they do and will not do it any other way, as this way of living is extremely flexible and will afford them the flexibility of being able to move at short notice. Many renters find that rending a property is a far better way to manage their money without any unforeseen mishaps needing attention. 

There is always a great demand for rental properties in Gauteng, and if you are renting you are in luck as the world’s your oyster with so many options. 

Jozi is so big – where to start looking? 

  • Selecting your neighbourhood is usually about where you work and which schools and religious institutions you are going to attend. In other words – where your life happens 
  • Money will also play a role in where you decide to hang up your coat – your budget will always play a major role in where you decide to settle 
  • There are many affordable options when looking to rent in Jozi – there is no need to break the bank 

Randburg is a budget-friendly option 

Randburg is a much-loved suburb with its wonderful mature trees lining the streets, and plenty of exciting things to do. The average price for rental properties in Randburg is affordable – you will be pleasantly surprised at how convenient and affordable accommodation is in this popular choice of place to live. This is indeed a budget-friendly option for most renters. 

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