Looking for affordable flats to rent in Johannesburg or Tshwane but can’t find anything half-decent that fits your budget? Then you need to become part of the Live Easy community: we’re all about providing affordable housing that’s more than half-decent. Our properties are self-contained, secure, centrally located, and equipped – all you need to do is move in to move up. 

Our affordable flats to rent are designed with people like you in mind: you’re a young graduate or professional who needs a nice, compact place that’s close to work, but you can’t blow your budget on rent alone. You want somewhere that has everything you need, and somewhere to call home. 

Find affordable flats to rent with everything you need

Our bachelor apartments have Wi-Fi access in communal areas and are DStv-ready. Depending on the property, you can also expect access control, laundromat facilities, CCTV, play areas, canteens, and even mini golf (at our newest nano apartments in Rivonia). Our one-room flats in Joburg and Tshwane boast everything from on-site green spaces to dedicated workspaces. What more could you need? 

If you earn between R3 500 and R15k per month, and you’re looking for unfurnished bachelor flats to rent that are close to work, safe, and ready to move into, then becoming part of the Live Easy community is your next step. 

Live life, the Live Easy way

Live Easy’s unfurnished bachelor flats are 15sqm of secure, easy-on-your-pocket urban living.  They’re self-contained and each comes with its own kitchenette and bathroom. They’re also well-managed, so you don’t have to fight with any landlords. Plus, the rent averages at R2 450 per month, which means we’re not just saying they’re affordable – they really are. Just sign up via our website, then pay a one-month deposit to secure a one-year lease. Super simple.Living the life you want is easy – contact us today to move in, and move up.