As one of South Africa’s capital cities, Pretoria offers plenty of opportunities to have fun and a number of those activities are possible without the need to take out a small loan. The city has a mixing pot of amazing experiences from food to entertainment from pop-up markets to some of the best cultural experiences on offer. In this, we take a look at some of the budget-friendly activities to do in Pretoria.

  1. The Wonderboom Fig Tree

Ever wanted to see a fig tree with over 1,000 years of age and history? This is your chance! Even if visiting an old tree isn’t on your bucket list, the Wonderboom Fig Tree is an exceptional scene with over 13 daughter trees that sprung up. With the towering 23 metre-high and over 50 metre-wide natural structure, you won’t be in want for shade as the area can shelter over 1,000 people. And there’s more – the site also hosts Iron Age discoveries near the tree as well as a fort built to protect the citizens from the British.

  1. Pack a picnic and head to the Union Buildings

A pretty picnic in Pretoria? The Union Buildings are practically the perfect place. Pack yourself some tantalising treats and visit some of the most famous buildings in the country. With views, good weather and a comfortable location, this is one activity which is easy on the bank and easy on the mind. There’s also a 9-metre statue of Nelson Mandela to appreciate, so be sure to snap a selfie with that too!

  1. Enjoy a brew at Capital Craft

Whether you’re an on-the-spot drinker or a crafty collector, Capital Craft is a slice of heaven for the beer connoisseur. Capital frequently updates their collection to try, and has a number of delectable meals available. With a variety of vegetarian options there is something for everyone. If you’re really fixing for an iconic burger, the Van Coke Smoke is something to write home about.

  1. Get your fill of history and see Mrs Ples

Mrs Ples, the most famous pre-human skulls ever discovered is worth a visit if you’re at all historically-minded. The million-year-old skull is at the Ditsong National Museum of Natural History, an easy mission in Pretoria for a budget-friendly day.

  1. Read a book enjoying the shade of the Jacaranda trees

It’s not called the Jacaranda City for nothing. Pretoria is home to the stunning purple trees that line the streets, and offer a special moment’s reprieve from life’s chaos. A myth circulating says that if a Jacaranda bud falls on your head, you’re sure to have good luck (or more specifically pass any exams that you might have coming up). Enjoying the Jacaranda trees offer a delightful free activity with a sense of summer and freedom at the centre.

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