While Gauteng might be South Africa’s smallest province in terms of size, it boasts nearly 35% of the country’s total gross domestic product. With Johannesburg and Pretoria making up a significant portion of the country’s population, Gauteng is the ideal place to live in to enjoy flourishing business opportunities, networking, and professional development – all while soaking in the scenes of Africa’s urban jungle. 

There are a number of exciting reasons to move to Gauteng:

1. The highest number of job opportunities in SA

With a high concentration of like-minded people living in Gauteng, the region has become a paradise for professional development. Not only are there more job opportunities in Gauteng than the rest of the country, but there are also better quality opportunities for employment across diverse industries. 

The job market is flourishing in Gauteng with a range of businesses and companies headquartered in the province. Whatever your field and industry, if you’re looking to move to Johannesburg or Pretoria, you won’t spend too long finding somewhere convenient and comfortable to work.

2. The highest-paid salaries in the country are in Gauteng

With Pretoria as the executive capital in the country and Johannesburg as the economic hub, it’s not surprising that Gauteng has a significant concentration of wealth in the country. 

According to research published by online job aggregator Adzuna, Gauteng Province has the highest average salary in the country, followed by the Western Cape and Limpopo. With higher paid salaries comes the obvious opportunity to earn more working under someone’s employment, but it also brings with it an air of entrepreneurship with flowing capital and investment opportunities.

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3. The energy is electric with exciting entertainment

Gauteng has become a cultural hub, becoming more and more popular with a vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene. From restaurants to clubs, art galleries to jazz nights, there is something to offer for everyone. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you are in luck too – the ‘urban jungle’ of Johannesburg houses over 6 million trees, offering you the treat of wandering the city in a scene of green in the summer.

With diverse activities, it’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself bored in the province. 

If you are living in one of our apartments in Randburg, Sandburg, or Pretoria, there will always be something happening a stone’s throw away from home – adding the convenience of exploring and discovering excitement to the comfort of affordable living.