When renting a new home, it can be difficult to find a space which checks every box on your “dream home” list. Luckily, Randburg is a region which is home to not only fantastic accommodation options but the area also boasts a number of activities and opportunities which makes living in the area an easy choice. 

If you’re scouting out a new place to settle into in Randburg, make sure you consider the following:

The convenience of close commuting

If you find your dream home, but it’s a two-hour commute from anything interesting, the dream will quickly disappear and leave a bitter taste in your mouth when you think of the mission you need to make to get home. When looking for accommodation, make sure you decide on a maximum travel time you’re willing to spend on daily or regular commutes. Whether this is to work, to university, to friends or to general points-of-interest, look at the distance (and time!) it will take to get there. Convenience comes in when you choose a space which is central – and it’s a convenience you notice terribly if it’s not there.

The ease of amenities

Some places don’t have a place where you can do your laundry at home. Others might not have an open area for leisure. Consider what amenities are non-negotiable for you and look for a home which meets your needs. The perfect place will have the right amenities for you at the right price. Other features, such as WiFi, electricity, and communal work-spaces are also worthwhile thinking about. 

Live Easy’s Randburg units offer a range of amenities from on-property laundromats and creches to superb catering canteens and gyms.

The necessity of noting the neighbourhood

When looking at a place to live in Randburg, make sure you look at both the interior and exterior factors of accommodation. Take out the time to explore the neighbourhood and picture yourself living there. Think about how far any grocery stores might be, consider cafes in the area, scope out the scenes and get a feel for the area.

Essential safety and security

Does your potential home feel safe? Make sure you check the safety features of prospective accommodation. This includes entrance (such as controlled access to the accommodation), security measures (such as CCTV), fire escapes, and smoke alarms. These are crucial to consider when moving to a new apartment in Randburg. 

Luckily, Live Easy’s Randburg units offer access control, CCTV and prioritise security as key featured offerings in the convenient, comfortable and affordable rental units.