As the crowning glory of Johannesburg, Sandton stands tall with a world of skyscrapers, industrial opportunities, business, retail, entertainment and restaurants at which to eat your heart out. While it might be an urban jungle with business at the heart of it, Sandton is conveniently located with a number of exciting outdoor activities in surrounding areas. So if you’re a resident,  looking to live in Sandton, or just popping by for a visit, make sure you take advantage of the opportunities for a great day out!

Top 3 exciting weekend activities 

Jozi X Adventure (18 min, 10.6km ) 

Driven by the possibility of offering exclusive adventures, Jozi X is designed for fun, challenge, and thrilling experience. Built with everybody from 4 to 75 year-olds in mind, the park has something exciting for everyone. With a variety of adventure courses and activities available, Jozi X is the perfect place to enjoy the outside world with plenty to do.

Adventure awaits at Jozi X. If you’re after a day of fun, you’re sorted here with a shooting range, extreme sport, adventure courses and even parkour classes!

Rhino and Lion Park (50 min, 38.2km)

The Rhino and Lion Park lives just outside the city and offers an experience like no other in the city. In the tranquil Hartebeespoort area, the Safari Park boasts an amazing 1 000 hectare reserve which provides visitors with exciting activities such as guided game drives, guided bush walks, sunset and predator feeding drives. Visitors can also wander the park with self-drives and photographic tours. One of the highlights is hand-feeding giraffes and the outstanding culinary at the premier restaurants. The unique experience offers a taste of Africa for both tourists and locals alike.

Sun City Day Tour (2h24 min, 157km)

As a day visitor at the City of Gold’s most elite resort, there is plenty to see, do, eat, and experience. If you’re looking for a family day, a day of romance, a business trip or just a day for yourself and your friends in the sun, Sun City has it all. The wellness facilities, entertainment and restaurants offer something for everyone. 

And from sporting events, such as trail runs, triathlons, mountain biking and others, there’s an opportunity to visit and support athletes. If you’re more for live music, Sun City often partners with top DJs and artists to make the resort come alive.

Please note: Sun City Day Passes might be affected under COVID-19 regulations.

Living in Sandton

If you are looking to move to Sandton, find a place which is convenient for activity, comfortable for living, and affordable on the budget. Live Easy’s accommodation checks all the boxes and more with security features and exciting on the property facilities such as a dedicated gym, mini-golf area, and an established outdoor area. Move to Sandton the right way, choose Live Easy.